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Class 5 Softswitch with Billing

VoipSwitch’s all-in-one solution is a complete suite of SIP network elements, billing, APIs and web portals on a single software platform. This platform enables service providers to build scalable and robust VoIP services which can range from small single server deployments to cluster solutions handling thousands of concurrent sessions.

The billing comprises a set of Business Support System/Operation Support System (BSS/OSS) functions. Their role is to provide billing, charging, provisioning, management and other supporting utilities.

The solution’s target market is wholesale carriers, ISPs, MVNOs, Telecoms and OTT providers.

What VoipSwitch enables

Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices

Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices

Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices

Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices

Next generation residential telephony with VoIP Portal and Provisioning for devices

Multilayered Accounts Structure System User Experience
Reseller levels
Call Control Functions
Billing System
User Management
Self Care Portal
Online Payments
Rich Communication
SIP Trunks
Unified Communication
Residential VoIP
RCS Moblie VoIP
Calling Cards
  • Routing:
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Load balancing/sharing for termination endpoints
    • Traffic failover with multiple “waterfall” levels
    • Multiple routing plans
  • Billing:
    • Support for Prepaid and Postpaid services
    • Subscriptions and Packages
    • Real time multi-layer charging
    • Multicurrency support
    • Mobile Top-up support
  • Live Call Monitoring:
    • Graphical user interface which shows real time information
    • Active call list details
    • Detailed SIP logs
    • Total calls monitoring (Connected, pending and Failed)
  • Media Gateway (VoIP Box):
    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with xml based flow scenarios
    • Calls recording
    • Calls transcoding
    • Multi language support
    • Customizable IVR scenarios
  • Reporting:
    • Traffic reporting for calls and SMS
    • Charts reports for concurrent calls, calls duration and ASR
    • Sales reports for payments, cost and revenue
    • Users reports with full CDR
  • Client Management:
    • 3 types of clients (Retail, Wholesale and IP PBX)
    • 3 Level resellers plus 1 level of commission-based Agents
    • Client wise separate IVR, currency and language management
  • DID Management:
    • DID Extensions
    • Personal DID management with online DID purchase
    • Supports multiple currency
    • Advanced and customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) scenarios
    • Integration with APIs of more than 20 DID providers
  • Web Portal with WebRTC:
    • Self-care portal for retail and business customers
    • Click to call with video, HD audio, file sharing and chat
    • Group chats
    • Video calling
    • Present and IM
  • Online payments:
    • Mobile payments with Apple inApp, Google, Paypal etc.
    • Integration with more than 50 credit card payment providers!
    • Vouchers via web, mobile app or IVR

Voipswitch’s Class 4/5 softswitch is a multiservice telephony server which leverages SIP and other related communication protocols. It combines the SIP server and application server roles in a next generation network (NGN).

    • Proxy server
    • Registrar server
    • Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA)
    • Presence server
    • IVR – provides interactive voice scenarios for Calling Cards and Unified Communication features
    • Voicemail
    • Call recording – records conversations to a file or live streaming format
    • Legal Interception
    • Transcoding
    • Media Relay/RTP proxy
    • Fax server T38

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  • Network:
    • SIP, IMS extensions
    • Media Relay/Proxy with NAT endpoints handling
    • ICE mechanism for Peer to Peer session establishment, STUN
    • SIP SIMPLE Instant Messaging
    • DTLS
    • WebRTC compatible
  • Billing:
    • Credit control application, support for Prepaid and Postpaid model
    • Subscriptions, packages, bundles
    • Real time multi-layer charging with credit control for each ownership level (Resellers)
    • Advanced rating
    • Multicurrency
  • Routing:
    • Least Cost Routing
    • Load balancing/sharing for termination endpoints
    • Traffic failover with multiple “waterfall” levels
    • Multiple routing plans
  • Accounts:
    • Multilayered accounts ownership structure (Owner, 3 levels of Resellers, Sales Agents)
    • Multiple devices sharing one account (support for SIP INSTANCE)
    • Sharing accounts among services e.g. RCS mobile client shares account with Calling card PIN or PINless service
  • Telephony features/ Enterprise Telephony (PBX):
    • Follow me/Find me
    • Hunt Groups
    • Parking
    • Transfers, hold, second line, shared line, BLF
    • Voicemail
    • PBX specific features: Dial by Name, extensions etc.
    • Autoattendants
    • Learn more in the Unified Communication section
  • Media Gateway (Voip Box):
    • Playing audio/video – Interactive Voice Response system with xml based flow scenarios
    • Call recording to a file or live stream (mp3, mp4, HLS)
    • Legal Interception
    • Transcoding
  • Fax server:
    • T38 protocol
    • Email to fax/fax to email
    • Web fax viewer
    • Sending directly from web

Visit our documentation page at: http://docs.voipswitch.com/display/doc/1.+Voipswitch+platform

Convergent charging and billing is an integral part of the Voipswitch class 5 platform. It enables common management of all users and all deployed services. In addition, the system includes convergence of payment methods like prepaid and postpaid, as well as access methods and services like Calling Cards, mobile VoIP, residential and enterprise telephony and VOD/IPTV.

The main characteristics attributed to a convergent charging & billing system are support for multiple service types such as voice, video, SMS, DIDs and content, support for bundling of services and the ability to create a single bill and call details record.

The charging system has the ability to control services and manage balances in real-time. This includes, for example, authenticating the subscriber and checking the account balance before service delivery to the end user. The system can also notify users when the account balance threshold set by the operator is reached, or terminate service connectivity when real-time charging indicates that credit has been depleted. This real-time capability can be used to deliver promotions and notifications to service users to stimulate usage.

Main Features:

  • Customer-interface Management: uniform graphical desktop and web application for accounts management and all related operations.
  • Order Management: processes product & service orders, manages the order-entry life cycle, and oversees the order-completion life cycle.
  • Rate Plans and Rating: manages a variety of different rate plans associated with services, provides flexible ways to rate customer generated usage.
  • Discounting: gives various types of discounts on different services
  • Invoicing: performs billing inquiry, generates bills, processes deposits, performs account administration, maintains tax and fee information, and processes financial information.
  • Credit Control & Collection: controls usage and revenue by assigning different credit classes to different customers. Supports payment collection and applying them to invoices.
  • Multilingual Support: Multilingual support involves providing invoices and customer care services in multiple languages.
  • Multiple Currencies: Multiple currencies used in different countries can complicate the billing system as the billing and customer care system must be capable of recording and processing in units of multiple currencies.
  • Performance Reporting: provides performance reporting, ensures quality-of-service (QoS) reporting, creates management reports, and generates regulatory reports.
  • DIDs provisioning: provisions customers with DID numbers, controls lifecycle and billing for DIDs. Works with several DID provider APIs (Voxbone, DIDx, DIDWW, Voipinnovations and more).
  • Payment systems integration including credit card providers, paypal, inapp systems
  • Mobile Top up support, can connect to multiple topup providers (TransferTo, IDT)


The VoipSwitch platform supports a multilayered account ownership structure. The layers constitute the provider, its resellers and two additional levels of sub-resellers. These layers are served by the system in realtime meaning that the credit control application controls balances of a user on each level and terminates the call when any of the balances in the structure has been depleted.

Real time handling of resellers allows the resellers to create and assign to users their own rate plans (tariffs) and subscriptions. The provider assigns a base tariff to resellers and controls the resellers’ balances in real time regardless of balances and charging of reseller’s users.

Another, auxiliary layer is Agents. They are not charged per account airtime but per topups and new account creations. They are controlled by resellers and can build sales networks separately for each reseller.

Agent Portal brochure

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Main Features:

  • Multi-level structure – resellers are divided on levels and have different rights. The main purpose of the resellers support is to enable selling VoIP services through a network of service distributors/agent, which can provision their end-users themselves through the web interface.
  • Branded User Portal for each reseller – Resellers can have a branded, customized User Portal.
  • Per reseller Online Shop integration Online Shop configured separately for each reseller (using its own online payment gateways).
  • Calling cards – resellers can have their own, exclusive access numbers which are accessible only for their customers (blocked for other resellers’ accounts).
  • Tariff plans and packages (subscriptions) support – The billing system behind the reseller structure is based on separate tariff plans associated with each reseller account. Resellers can create their own rates sheets for their users or sub-resellers.
  • Localization – multi-currency support, multi-lingual interfaces
  • Web-based management interface with active calls monitoring and advanced reporting


The VoipSwitch User Portal (VUP) is an Html5 based lightweight customer self-care web interface. It works on PC, tablets and smartphones.Its purpose is to provide a service center where customers can manage their account settings, review billing information and add new services. VUP also allows for direct use of communication services such as Instant Messaging and voice/video calling.

VUP is fully brandable in terms of features set and its layout. The technology behind it isolates the programming part from the graphical user interfaces. This approach gives flexibility in building various layouts by developers with experience in html5 web designing. VUP is available in several example themes.

VUP can be deployed in a model where each domain can have its own portal with its own feature set and look. For example, a different website for Pinless services and for RCS or mobile voip.

VoipSwitch User Portal for Rich Communiation Suite

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Main Features:

  • Dashboard with the most used services (chat, fax)
  • User’s personal (social) profile
  • Account billing details, recharge, subscriptions (packages) management
  • History records for calls, messages, faxes, invoices, payments etc
  • Visual voicemail
  • Find me, Do not disturb
  • CallerID
  • Virtual numbers (DIDs) management
  • Network Address Book
  • Web Phone with audio and video based on the latest WebRTC technology
  • Presence and buddy list
  • Instant messaging
  • Click-to-Call

The VoipSwitch platform supports various payment means. It has been integrated so far with dozens of payment providers from different countries. It works with both credit card providers and wallet systems as well. It also supports InApp payment systems from AppleStore, Google, Amazon and others. The Online Shop is a software module which is responsible for processing transactions. It comprises:

  • Web page omponent which can be embedded in a provider’s website
  • Mobile optimized web page which can be opened directly from within a mobile softphone
  • Complete set of WebAPI methods allowing for integration with 3rd party websites and CRM systems

Main Features:

  • Cc data stored on the server optionally
  • Autorecharge
  • Subscriptions periodical payments
  • Multicurrency
  • VAT inclusion
  • Fraud detection mechanism
  • Voucher support
  • Money transfer (between accounts)

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