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MVNO billing and account management

VoipSwitch MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) platform provides VoIP operators with the necessary tools to expand their business by offering MVNO services using their own SIM cards.

The VoipSwitch MVNO platform provides MVNO with billing for the following services:

  • GSM calls
  • Data usage (Internet)
  • Roaming charges

The platform supports:

  • Authentication (optional) using Diameter protocol
  • Diameter Credit-Control Application for real time charges and service access authorization
  • Provisioning through API, integration with various MNO systems
  • Account management
  • Billing based on Voipswitch billing

The platform allows operators to integrate VoIP and MVNO mobile services into one solution, using the same billing system for both services, that of VoIP and MVNO.

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