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RCS mobile and desktop clients

Our award-winning VoIP software clients are available for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. The Rich Communication Suite (RCS) enhances VoIP services by adding a whole suite of new features going beyond voice and text communication. Users can make video calls, see other users presence information, share location, send multimedia files or take part in a group chats.

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Windows PC

White-label apps for service providers

OTT Dialer Brochure

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The softphones are delivered fully branded, which includes all graphics and colors of the app. We also offer more advanced customizations of the GUI according to the specifications of the provider. Below are some examples of various dialers based on our RCS core app.


VoipSwitch’s RCS is a complete platform consisting of mobile and desktop clients along with a backend RCS server.
In addition our solution includes a self-care web portal offering all RCS features directly from a browser. The portal supports WebRTC for audio and video calling.

The platform comes with our voipswitch class 5 softswitch but can also be integrated with 3rd party softswitches.

Mac & Windows PC iPhone & Android iPad & Android tablets
rcs_laptops rcs_phones rcs_tablets
RCS multidevice
one account shared phonebooks call forking
Mac & Windows PC
iPhone & Android
iPad & Android tablets
RCS multidevice
one account
shared phonebooks
call forking

Main Rich Communication Suite features

  • SIM phone number provisioning, SMS and callback verification process
  • Sign up with service ID for desktop and tablets, optional on smartphones
  • Sharing one account on multiple devices, inbound calls and IM forking
  • One user account associated with multiple public identities: nickname/alias, phone number, social network ID
  • Enhanced Address Book on device showing RCS users
  • Converged Network Address Book stored on the server and shared on all user devices
  • Presence showing availability and free text (status)
  • Social profile information with avatar and personal details
  • Multimedia files transfer (video, audio notes, pictures)
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Instant messaging (chats)
  • Deferred messages
  • Delivery and read confirmation
  • Voicemail inbox with voicemail to email delivery
  • Find friends – public directory, search by email, name, id, number etc.
  • PUSH support – calls and messages reach the user even when the app is closed
  • HD audio and video calling, WebRTC compatible
  • Peer to peer calling with fallback to media relay (ICE, TURN)
  • Group chats
  • Audio multiparty conference
  • Video multiparty conference (desktop version only)
  • Encryption for signaling and media: chats, audio and video

The RCS backend platform consists of the RCS Web API and the voipswitch main package.

The platform is fully scalable and is designed to work in a cluster. RCS backend can also be deployed on Amazon EC2 cloud.


The API is an optimized, high performance web service based system connected to an SQL cluster database capable of handling millions of subscribers. The system is fully redundant and scalable (support for cluster architecture).

The main tasks processed by the RCS API include:

  • Accounts provisioning with SMS, callback or email verification
  • Enhanced Address Books – users discovery in phone’s contacts
  • PUSH notifications for newly joined RCS users
  • User profile information
  • File transfers
  • Public directory search (Find Friends)
  • History cache with support for shared accounts (i.e. one user has multiple devices; the cache allows for syncing his history on all devices)
  • Add-ons such as Stickers, Group Chat etc.

RCS softswitch

Rich Communication Suite softswitch is responsible for user to user communication – ONNET, as well as paid calls and SMS – OFFNET.

The major features include:

  • Support for audio HD codecs e.g. OPUS and VP8 for video
  • Encryption for both audio and video (SRTP)
  • Secure SIP
  • ICE technology for Peer to Peer calling and NAT traversal (STUN, TURN are part of the system)
  • PUSH support for incoming calls, messages and voicemail – notification mechanism for Google, Apple and Windows Phone. Wakes up the app when closed.
  • Voice mail, Voicemail to email delivery
  • Deferred messages – when a user logs in the softphone will automatically download the messages stored on the server

Our HTML5 based self-care customer portal combines the Rich Communication Suite features with user account management functions. The calling features are realized using WebRTC media engine which guarantees encrypted communication and an unrivaled voice and video quality experience directly from a browser.

Our Web Portal is fully brandable, learn more about WebRTC based User Portal

The click-to-Call feature enables communication directly from web browsers simply by clicking a link. You can generate a link in VUC portal and place it on your website, associate it with a “call me” button or use in your email signature.

Website visitors or email recipients do not have to sign in or download any additional software as the entire app is based on technology supported by browsers. You can receive a call to chat on your web browser, smartphone UC app or an IP Phone. You can define exceptions using Time Spans and define when the inbound calls should be diverted to some other destination, like an IVR auto-attendant or voicemail.

RCS WebRTC based Portal

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Click-to-Call offers you:

  • High Definition, crystal clear audio quality
  • Video calls
  • Chat
  • Unlimited click-to-Call links per company account.
  • Support for PBX hunt groups
  • Support for answering rules
  • Display name identifying from which link a call has been initiated
  • Personalized Avatar

The Softphone Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive framework by which a solution developer can quickly build their own RCS applications and benefit from all the functionalities of our whitelabel RCS products.

The SDK is available for iOS and Android.

The main features include:

  • Built in media stack
  • SIP signaling stack
  • Presence
  • Chat and group chat
  • High Definition audio and video codecs including OPUS, VP8 and others
  • ICE framework with TURN support for the most effective NAT traversal and peer to peer media connectivity
  • Secure VoIP – TLS encryption and SRTP for media
  • Ready to use examples for Android Studio and Xcode

Contact our sales to get more details.

Integration with 3rd party systems

The RCS platform can be integrated with 3rd party systems such as IMS, softswitch and/or billing, already in use by an operator.

There are various models in which our software can fit into existing infrastructures. Our engineers work closely with various operators in order to find the best solution that would meet the requested requirements.
Below are examples of integrations done by our team:


  • Nokia
  • Huawei IMS

Billing systems:

  • Nokia
  • Redknee


  • Metaswitch, Digitalk, Portaone


The provisioning integration is done with the use of Web APIs. This part usually pertains to various sets of functions responsible for:

  • Creating new accounts on a 3rd party system
  • Synchronizing accounts between voipswitch RCS platform and a 3rd party
  • Using 3rd party authentication services


Billing integration is done using either Diameter Credit Control Application or a Web API.

RCS platform as billing client

If charging is to be done on a 3rd party billing, then our voipswitch RCS platform would send charging events to the remote Diameter server.

RCS platform as billing server

In this case voipswitch billing is used and voipswitch receives Diameter requests for charging events from external services, for example Mobile services such as voice calls, SMS, MMS, data, roaming etc.


In some scenarios, SIP flow is routed through the server of the operator. It can either be sent through for all services or only for paid ones (like paid calls and paid SMS), while free services would use VoipSwitch platform. In the latter case, there would be less load on the softswitch of the operator since it would handle only paid traffic. This approach would allow the operator to use their existing billing, accounts and routing mechanism as well.

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