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Voip SIP Softphones

SIP-softphones for mobile & desktop

Our award-winning SIP software clients are available for all popular mobile and desktop operating systems. They are offered in two versions, as SIP clients with a custom set of features, provided as a whitelabel product for providers and as a part of the Rich Communication Suite where basic VoIP functionalities are extended by next generation communication.

Whitelabel version for service providers

The softphones are delivered as whitelabel, branded according to the provider’s specification. We are also open to engagement in special custom projects. The softphones are based on standard protocols and work with 3rdparty softswitches and IMS platforms.

JOIN-complete OTT client framework


Rich Communication Suite

RCS clients enhance VoIP by a set of additional features which are partially supported by popular Over The Top messengers like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and others. The full list of RCS features and VoipSwitch’s extensions to RCS standards is explained here.

The RCS clients require certain network support which comprises an IMS compliant platform with RCS server nodes. VoipSwitch’s solution reduces the complexity of RCS deployment by providing all the necessary elements in the form of a standalone platform or cloud services.

For providers that have a 3rd party softswitch as the core of their services VoipSwitch offers complete a RCS API system which enables all the benefits of RCS features (free ONNET calling, messaging, provisioning etc) while allowing keeping the same billing and switching infrastructure for paid services (OFFNET calls and messages).

Voiceserve’s RCS platfrom has been integrated so far with several popular softswitches and calling card platforms.

Contact us to discuss integration with your platform.

Rich Communication Suite


RCS enhances consumer VoIP services by adding a whole suite of new features going beyond voice and simple text communication. The emphasis is on a contact oriented approach where a user can not only initiate conversation but can also see his contacts interest, mood, location and willingness to communicate.

VoipSwitch’s RCS is a complete platform consisting of a mobile and desktop clients and the server part with RCS node. In addition there is an RCS Portal offering all RCS features directly from a browser. It supports also WebRTC for audio and video calling.

The RCS backend network elements are responsible for all ONNET (free) communication and special features while paid services are realized by a separate softswitch and billing system.

This separation of RCS node and softswitch allows for integration not only with the VoipSwitch’s class 5 softswitch but also with most of 3rd party softswitches.

The system has been deployed so far with several popular class 5 softswitches as well as calling card platforms.

Rich Communication Suite Client brochure.


Main Rich Communication Suite features (VoipSwitch implementation)

  • Private user identity with associated multiple public identities: nickname/alias, phone number, social network ID
  • Sharing one account on multiple devices, inbound calls and IM forking
  • SIM phone number provisioning, SMS and callback verification process
  • Sign up with service ID for desktop and tablets, optional on smartphones
  • Enhanced Address Book on device showing RCS users
  • Converged Network Address Book stored on the server and shared on all user devices
  • Presence showing availability and free text (status)
  • Social profile information with avatar and personal details
  • Multimedia files transfer (video, audio notes, pictures)
  • Geolocation sharing
  • Instant messaging (chats)
  • Message inbox (for offline messages)
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Voicemail inbox with voicemail to email delivery
  • Find friends – public directory, search by email, name, id, number etc.
  • PUSH support – calls and messages reach the user even when the app is closed
  • HD audio and video calling, WebRTC compatible
  • Peer to peer calling with fallback to media relay (ICE, TURN)
  • Group Chat
  • Audio multiparty conference
  • Video multiparty conference (desktop version only)
  • Encryption for signalling, chats, audio and video
RCS Multidevice

Rich Communication Suite Cloud services

Rich Communication Suite Cloud is a complete ecosystem of network elements and client based applications that support the rapid rollout of next generation telecommunication services. The cloud is offered on a shared partition basis, meaning that users from different providers can communicate with each other.

The client applications are fully white label and are available either as a partnership or managed model. In both cases, the provider manages the paid services part, which includes voice and SMS termination, DIDs (virtual phone numbers), Packages (plans), International Mobile Top ups and other products offered through the application. The softphones can be fully customized to provide additional features, and can be offered as a software development kit (SDK), meaning that providers can develop their own apps on top of the Rich Communication Suite clients.

Rich Communication Suite Cloud brochure.


Rich Communication Suite Cloud Partners:

  • This is intended for already established VoIP providers wishing to expand their offering in order to compete with the growing OTT market (WhatsApp, Skype). The Rich Communication Suite feature set attracts customers by giving them cutting edge services. It sets your VoIP service apart from the other providers.
  • In this model a Cloud partition is integrated with a partner’s VoIP platform. Integration comprises several integration points on both the backend (provisioning, topup, call routing) and on the client side.
  • The entire range of Rich Communication Suite clients for mobile and desktop are white label applications ready to upload to app stores.
  • Integration covers most of the popular softswitches.
  • We also offer Rich Communication Suite clients with Call-through functionality which is an ideal extension to calling card services.
  • More information on integration can be found in the brochure. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Rich Communication Suite Managed Services:

  • This offer is designed for MVNOs that are looking to outsource all operations connected with running Rich Communication Suite services. We offer full maintenance and management of the Rich Communication Suite partition.
The MVNO receives:
  • a full set of branded softphones
  • branded web self-care Portal for users
  • access to the web OSS/BSS portal.
  • Online Shop connected to the MVNO’s payment system for collecting payments (top ups).
  • Agent Portal
  • Full training
  • 24/7 support
  • Daily reports on system usage
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
The portal allows:
  • managing accounts
  • setting rates and packages (plans)
  • creating agent accounts
  • generating reports

For more information please contact us.

join softphones

Join is a complete VoIP client framework solution enabling service providers to offer next generation OTT services like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber and others.

The pre-integrated communication client, based on standard protocols, allows customers to focus on the user experience, GUI and add-ons, without having to know the complexities of VoIP ecosystems.

We provide our expertise and years of experience in VoIP software development to help you build a great customized VoIP app tailored to your client base.

JOIN-complete OTT client framework


Key highlights

Integration with any Class 5 softswitch or IMS platform.

HD Audio and Video using various codecs.

White label, fully brandable, custom feature-set.

Join for Mobile – available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry.

Join for Desktop – available on Windows PC and MAC.

Softswitch and billing overview

RCS Server

Customizable VoIP and RCS client SDK

The Softphone Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a comprehensive framework using which a solution developer can quickly build own application which utilizes all the functionalities as our whitelabel products including Join and RCS clients.

The SDK is available for the following platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

The main features include:

  • Built in media stack
  • SIP signaling stack
  • Presence framework with XCAP support
  • Instant Messaging
  • IMS/VoLTE and RCS compliant
  • Easy to use APIs
  • PC version: multiuser video conferences
  • Support for WebRTC !
  • High Definition audio and video codecs including OPUS, SILK, g722 and others
  • Video VP8, h264, h263
  • ICE framework with TURN support for the most effective NAT traversal and peer to peer media connectivity
  • Quality indicator based on RTCP reports
  • Secure VoIP – TLS encryption and SRTP/ZRTP for media
  • Interoperable with all leading SIP vendors

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